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Suffice to say I didn’t get anything from the sunflowers except a lot of yellow on a page, I’ll go back to it at a later date and build on it till I am happy. I have a lot of projects going on but nothing near completion, so I decided to do a quick and simple watercolour just so I could have a feeling of Finishing something. I am still very unfamiliar with watercolour, I have never really explored it before KNOWING how hard a medium it is. I have found it can be a very liberating paint to play with. While it is harder to get used to then the silky oil it’s not problem to fix mistakes paints that I’m used to; watercolour can be forgiving if you aren’t strict in your flexibility. So this is my first watercolour, a Rose. It’s not a strict study and I only used the three primary colours. It’s a bit brighter in the scanning then in reality, and the yellow edging is harsher, however for a first quick play with the paint I am generally happy with the result.

A person has to start somewhere before they can get to where they want to be.

Watercolour Rose


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